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Advertising Campaign for Palms Mortuaries in Las Vegas

Apart from theater design and interior design, I decided to say something about the Graphic Design layouts for advertising I do for a select few clients.

February 2018 ad celebrating Valentine's day.

January ad celebrating New Year's.

I picked some of our work for our client Palms to feature because my friends there, Gary Vrooman (my longtime friend) had introduced me to John Hill at Palms Mortuaries, and a long story short, John and I started experimenting and slowly over the past year started changing the somber feeling associated with the topic of burial services and burial plans and the rest is history as seen in their advertising campaigns.

As you can see from the following pictures, the progression of change is clearly visible and speaks for itself.

Ad's from June 2017 to September 2017 as posted in the Vegas Voice Magazine.

So this year every monthly new add we are printing in "The Vegas Voice" Magazine Publication here in Las Vegas will be shared public on all social media platforms.. Here posted are just some of the past year's ads we had published.

Ad's from October 2017 to January 2018 as seen in the Vegas Voice Magazine.

I hope you will all enjoy and appreciate how we systematically managed to introduce more fun into the advertising campaign yet maintain that element of traditional class expected. Although we stay fairly traditional because of our clientele we are targeting, it is a very gratifying result we have managed to achieve within our demography targeted.

I hope you share our enthusiasm in this ongoing campaign. John Hill and Gary Vrooman are amazing to work with at Palm Mortuaries and I thank them for a wonderful past year and let’s see what we can achieve this year.

We are also doing as part of this campaign 3” x 3” sticker adds for The Review Journal in Las Vegas Newspaper in this regard.

Our past advertisements can be seen in the archives of The Las Vegas Voice which can be viewed on their website on issues going back two years or so. Just look for the ads and you can’t miss them. They are a lot of fun at times.

The link to the Las Vegas Voice is herewith supplied.

Enjoy and new clients are always welcome. Contact me at Pieter Grove Designs or leave me a message on my website at the following link:

You won’t regret taking the plunge. Hope to hear from you soon.


Pieter Grove

Pieter Grove Design

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