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BIRDS 'n BUDDIES - AllStar Bird Show - Jurong Bird Park, Singapore Created/ Directed by Pieter Grove - Las Vegas


Executive Director: Dr Wong Hon Mun

Deputy Executive Director: Ms Daisy Ling

Senior Manager: Raja Segran

Manager: Mr. Abdul Rashid

Concept & Direction: Pieter Grove

Choreography & Co Direction: Gail Davis

Production Designer: Pieter Grove

Costume Designer: Pieter Grove


"Birds & Buddies" - created by Pieter Grove in Jurong Bird Park Pools Amphi-Theater, Singapore.

When the Jurong Park Management approached us in Las Vegas they said: "The All Star Bird Show needs a new face lift, what can be done?"

... the challenge was on!

The daily show which features the largest collection of live birds in a single show, now include new bird-inspired characters created by international Las Vegas producer, creative director and production designer Pieter Grove. Lead by "Crazy Bird" on roller blades but now to a themed production, the exotic birds performing their standard birdshow routines. The addition of the characters were an hit and a riot with the kids instantly unfold ever single show! 

The characters were given names to match their individual personalities. They include; Toukie the Toucan, Rocky the Penguin, Randy the Rooster, Crazy Bird, Vulcan the Vulture, Pecky the Woodpecker, Pedro the Pelican, Maxime & Macho the Macaws, Polly the Parrot, Cranky the Crow, Swanee the Swan and more.

These characters are all created as plush toys in the Jurong Bird Park Gift Shop and there are photo opporunities set up with the characters all over the park at the different aviaries. These aviaries are some of the best found in the world today, some the size of football fields, with suspended walkways 60 feet in mid-air, you name it it is there! 

The character adduition to the routines in the Jurong Bird Park bird showare simply delightful!  The exotic birds had no idea what hit the stage during rehearsals to great amusement of us all. What a fun project!







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