Pieter Grove

Set Designer

Costume Designer

Interior Designer

Graphic Designer

Artistic Director

Photo: Greg Anderson Photography - Las Vegas

Residing in Las Vegas, South African born polyglot Pieter Grove, is an esteemed former internationally known acrobatic Adagio - Skater/Dancer who studied Fine Art, Interior Design and Commercial Art in Europe who  seamlessly transitioned to a Director / Producer for Theater and Live Production alike.

As creator, visionary and teacher his work is widely respected in global Entertainment Communities and Post-Secondary Education fields across five continents. A unique and innovative style of producing and directing, combined with an extraordinary Production Design palette as proficient Set Designer and adroit Costume Designer, always produce breathtaking results with a cutting edge tenacity in its’ execution.


His attained technical knowledge and creative design background assured him an extensive international repertoire in the Entertainment Industry, from resident casino shows, corporate events, conventions, regional theater, dramatic theater, opera and ballet as well as theme park and cruise line entertainment had taken him across the oceans numerous times. Wearing multiple hats, has become a recognizable signature trade mark of his and on many major productions his crefits reflect that.

Pieter Grove welcomes you to - 'His Realm of Fantasy'