Concept, Script & Direction : Pieter Grove

Co-Director & Choreographer : Gail Davies

Choreographer : Nick Navarro

Assistant Choreographer : Jennifer Hardcastle Deans

Musical Director : Detlef Klemm

Production Design ​: Pieter Grove

Costume Design : Pieter Grove

Lighting Design : Olaf Eichler

Friedrichstadtpalast RevueTheater

Berlin - Germany

Friedrichstadtpalast Ballet



A Tarot Card Fantasy in which we follow "The Fool" on a Journey in Search of the Meaning of Life.  An eventful Journey controlled by the forces of "Good and Evil" personified by the "22 Major Arcana" of the Tarot.  


As "Fools of the World" we are tempted by Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts & Spades; - The Pleasures in Life.  Yet onwards we are guided by The Wisdom of Old; - Staves, Coins, Cups & Swords.  The Journey comes full circle every time; "The Answers one Seek, … Lie Deep Within"



This Visual Gallery pays homage to "The Fool's" Magnificent Journey as governed by his spectacular surroundings; - "TheTree of Life" and the "Kabala" which served as inspiration for the Set Design for JOKER - Revue Mystique.

The costumes are inspired by The Characters of the Major Arcana in the Tarot Deck of Cards and the Four Suits of playing cards, both ancient and modern.


Promo Video Clip

Time: 3 min.

(See also the full length documentary version of the 'Making of Joker" at the bottom of this page)

A Fantasy Journey In Search Of The Meaning of Life

JOKER - Revue Mystique, was conceptualized and created by Pieter Grove for Europe's biggest Revue Theater, Friedrichstadtpalast in Berlin, Germany. It is a spectacular fantasy revue inspired by the Tarot Cards. Join the "The Fool" on a fantastic journey via The Tree of Life in his search for the meaning of his existence.  Experience his encounters with personifications of the 22 Major Arcana in the Tarot & The Four Suits in the Tarot Card Deck and modern deck of Playing Cards.  Life comes full circle with the ultimate knowledge that what we seek comes from within ourselves.


Pieter Grove is Joker's Creator, Author, Director, Scenic & Costume Designer.

All copyrights reserved © 2002  Pieter Grove Design




Lying in bed my wacky imaginary mindset saw the apparition of a gorgeous female dancer dressed as a Sexy Gypsy Fortuneteller with a slightly hoarse voice who whispered in my ear: - “So Dearie…, need some help it seems!

Startled, ... my mind went blank! … as she said: 

“I am Lady Tarot! – Your Wildest Dream!”

She sat down on the end of my bed, looked me in the eye, grinned michieviously, as I watched her strap on a pair of stilettos,... stood up flicked her flaming red hear out of her face and did the most spectacular high kick, killing herself laughing  ...then vanished instantly.

On the end of my bed a ghostly figure with piercing eyes and a harlequin hat spread a deck of Tarot cards and said:-

“You heard the Lady ...Pick your cards wisely and don’t be a FOOL!”


Caught in the Act, (shortly called C.I.T.A.), is seen here performing on the "JOKER" set in Friedrichstadtpalast, Berlin Germany during the annual GOLDENE HENNE GALA of 1997 Award Ceremonies.  Since 1995 The "Goldene Henne"  ceremonies were hosted by Friedrichstadtpalast in Berlin in memory of the 1991 deceased singer and entertainer Helga Hahnemann, in recognition of achievements by individuals in the fields of European Film via Babelsberg Film Studios and Television, Politics, Culture, Sports and Mass Media.) Organizers: Mitteldeutsche Rundfunk (MDR), SUPER TV and SUPER illu.


The Main set unit travelled 185 feet from upstage to downstage. Underneath the bridged and high platform section of this set piece, the 45 piece Friedrichstadtpalast resident orchestra were seated during the performances of "JOKER". They travelled  with the set unit during the entire show as set pieces were flown in from above to create different scenes and looks for "JOKER". 

The conductor, Detleff Klemm ( amazing individual), was standing under the round disk and landing where the stairs in the center diverge left and right. He was facing Up Stage and the orchestra was seated in a semi-circle between the pillars. The layout can be clearly seen in the next photo.

Additionally,  the entire "JOKER" set was transformed into a "NUTCRACKER" environment for the Annual performance of "NUTCRACKER" over the Christmas Holidays!

The versatility of the "JOKER" set design proved to surpass all our expectations.


The Un-edited Original Film by Ingrid Bandmann presented in  


Documentary Total Running Time:

45 minutes

Language: German / English

Documentary Original Title: 

Pieter Grove inszeniert "Joker" - Revue Mystique am Friedrichstadtpalast.

Six months, a camera crew followed Pieter Grove and his creative team around and recorded the creation of "JOKER" - Revue Mystique.  Ingrid Bandmann and her film crew painstakingly recorded that which they thought were necessary to be shown and their perseverance resulted in this remarkable documentary about a multi-million dollar spectacular mounted on Europe's biggest revue theater stage, Friedrichstadtpalast.  The Press and Reviews called it a show the likes of which Europe had not seen until the Premiere of "Joker" - Revue Mystique in Friedrichstadtpalast, Berlin, Germany - Sept. 5th, 1997.


Broadcast to countries around the globe for over 2 decades. This film lies close to our hearts as it immortalized a bit of each and every one of the cast and crew as "Joker" came to Life. Without them, the vision of Alexander Iljinskij (Intendant), Jurgen Nass and Conny Porod (International Artist Management) and the German Senate (GmbH),  the show would still be on paper. Thank you Sasha!


Thank you to TFC Transfer Film & TV GmbH Berlin, (fully underwritten by OPEL an der Spree).  Our gratitude extends to all our sponsors:

  • Opel (Joker Vectra Revue, Limited Edition)

  • Berliner Morgenpost

  • Berliner Kindl

  • Radisson SAS

  • SpreeQuell

  • B1. Das Berlin Fernsehen vom SFB

  • Dressler Restaurant

  • High End Systems


  • Deinhardt Sekt

  • Radio Hundert,6

Additional Video Links and Press Releases for "Joker" - Revue Mystique Externally:

berichtet wird von der Revue "Joker " von der Berliner Abendschau.

Hier aus der Revue "Sterne" 1996 vom ZDF Heute - Journal

Happy Birthday Friedrichstadtpalast...The furture of Friedrichstadtpalast secured with Revue "STERNE" - Astro Revue.

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