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Concept, Script & Direction : Pieter Grove

Co-Director & Choreographer : Gail Davies

Choreographer : Nick Navarro

Assistant Choreographer : Jennifer Hardcastle Deans

Musical Director : Detlef Klemm

Production Design ​: Pieter Grove

Costume Design : Pieter Grove

Lighting Design : Olaf Eichler

Friedrichstadtpalast RevueTheater

Berlin - Germany

Friedrichstadtpalast Ballet

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'JOKER' - A Tarot Card Fantasy

A Fool's Journey in search of the meaning of life. 

Controlled by ‘Good and Evil’: - The 22 Major Arcana personified. 

Tempted by Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts & Spades; - The Pleasures in Life.

Wisdom is derived from the Old; - Staves, Coins, Cups & Swords. 

A full circle journey in which 'Light balance Darkness'.

The Answers We Seek, … Lie Deep Within.

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This Visual Gallery pays homage to "The Fool's" Magnificent Journey as governed by his spectacular surroundings; - "TheTree of Life" and the "Kabala" which served as inspiration for the Set Design for JOKER - Revue Mystique.

The costumes are inspired by The Characters of the Major Arcana in the Tarot Deck of Cards and the Four Suits of playing cards, both ancient and modern.

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Anchor 4 - JOKER Video Clip

Promo Video Clip

Time: 3 min.

(See also the full length documentary version of the 'Making of Joker" at the bottom of this page)

A Fantasy Journey In Search Of The Meaning of Life

JOKER - Revue Mystique, was conceptualized and created by Pieter Grove for Europe's biggest Revue Theater, Friedrichstadtpalast in Berlin, Germany. It is a spectacular fantasy revue inspired by the Tarot Cards. Join the "The Fool" on a fantastic journey via The Tree of Life in his search for the meaning of his existence.  Experience his encounters with personifications of the 22 Major Arcana in the Tarot & The Four Suits in the Tarot Card Deck and modern deck of Playing Cards.  Life comes full circle with the ultimate knowledge that what we seek comes from within ourselves.


Pieter Grove is Joker's Creator, Author, Director, Scenic & Costume Designer.

All copyrights reserved © 2002  Pieter Grove Design

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