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Pieter Grove creates "Birds & Buddies" . A smash hit for Jurong Bird Park, Singapore.

"Birds & Buddies" - created by Pieter Grove in Jurong Bird Park Pools Amphi-Theater, Singapore

What a lot of fun! Never in my life thought working with birds could be that much excitement in one amphi-theater. They will test you, simply ignore you and the next minute be your best friend;- then surprise you beyond. Thank you Daizy, Dr. Hong and my dear friend Raja Segran. Your guidance and exotic animal knowledge had been unbelievable in the"Birds & Buddies" show creation and it's success still now years later at your Pools Amphi-theater in Jurong Bird Park, Singapore.

"Birds & Buddies" - created by Pieter Grove in Jurong Bird Park Pools Amphi-Theater, Singapore.

When the Jurong Park Management approached us in Las Vegas they said: "The All Star Bird Show needs a new face lift, what can be done?" the challenge was on! We created a series of elaborately bold Mascot Character costumes on stage performing their standard birdshow routines lead by "Crazy Bird" on roller blades. What a riot with the kids! The characters also have names to match their individual personalities. They include; Toukie the Toucan, Rocky the Penguin, Randy the Rooster, Crazy Bird, Vulcan the Vulture, Pecky the Woodpecker, Pedro the Pelican, Maxime & Macho the Macaws, Polly the Parrot, Cranky the Crow, Swanee the Swan and more.They were all inter-flanced with the different exotic bird routines in the Jurong Bird Park bird show to the delight of all ages. The characters are simply delightful! The exortic birds had no idea what hit the stage! The hornbill with his magnificent wing span, freaked out at the sight of one of the Mascot characters and flew out of the arena faster than he flew in, took off vertically screaming and disappeared completely outof the park. He was missing in action for four days until he was found by the animal trainers in a nearby swamp a few days later. Not funny but very funny at the time! The poor creature came back and performed with a vengeance. A total crowd pleaser and another "star" was born. A lot of this shows pictures flew around the world faster than light and can be found on most sites that supply media and stock photos: Sies like Pinrest, Alamay, Reuters. etc. ...LOL! I don't mind it makes us look good and we put smiles on millions of people's faces. That after all is what we do in showbizz. I guess you can take it as a sign of success. I sure do! Some of those pictures are herewith included on this BLOG.

"Birds 'n Buddies" - A Cast of delightful and loveable characters.

"Birds& Buddies" - A Cast of delightful and loveable characters.


The new Pools Amphi-theater Set Design evokes habitation of Singapore's rich cultural heritage. Set design by Pieter Grove.

The "Birds & Buddies" Characters

"Good versus Evil" on the All Star Bird Show Jurong Bird Park Stage Amphi-theater Set for "Birds & Buddies"

Characters ob Set for "Birds & Buddies" by Pieter Grove - Jurong Bird Park, Singapore.

The Jurong Bird Park map with "Birds & Buddies" All Star Bird Show Amphi-theater in Singapore.

Crazyness at Pieter Grove's production of "Birds & Buddies" show at Jurong Bird Park in Singapore

"That's right, ... you tell him Raja Segran. Love this picture of Raja and the pelican.

Our choreographer - Gail Davies trying "Crazy Bird" on for size!

Pieter Grove creator and director of Birds 'n Buddies on set in Jurong Bird Park, Singapore.

Some of the Characters in "Birds 'n Buddies"

... Here is a picture of "Swannee" the Swan, doing what "Swanee" wants! ... Entertaining the crowd! A crowd pleaser!

Never mind the old scary one, ...

Above is "Pecky" ...the Woodpecker. He was one of my favorites in the show. I found this picture of my pal Pecky on line by accident. Never saw this picture before now!

The above photo shows clearly how we pulled from ancient building styles for Singapore dwellings to create the ambiance and setting for our show. These huts were built into the faux rock facade of the amphi-theater to create the set for "Bird's 'n Buddies"at Jurong Bird Park.

Raja Segran on the "Birds 'n Buddies" set.

... and of course, a lot of laughs, a lot of audience participation. A proven recipe to success I am told!

... Some serious attitude of course!

... Some reluctance!

... some serious flying skills and navigation ...

... and then our Hornbill which went AWOL for a few days! He seems to be doing just fine nowadays!

My son Tristan Grove became mascot of the parkand pictures of him could be seen on every second double decker bus, in the airport lobby and billboards throughout Singapore. An amazing trip this kid would never forget! Memories for a lifetime!

A kid makes one of his dreams comes true. Management asked Tristan if he wants to take pictures with the anaimals. Obviously he did ... several hundreds of pictures later!

The cast and crew out in Singapore at night exploring what Singapore culture has to offer. Amazing city!

Pieter Grove (Director); Gail Davies (Choeographer); Anthony Moreno (Sound) at one of the Temples in Singapore

Birds and Buddies join the Singapore Parade

Birds and Buddies join the Singapore Parade

Lunch with cast & Crew backstage at Jurong Bird Park, Singapore. A more delightful group of people is nowhere to be found. Love you all dearly!

Some TLC backstage ... all in a busy day's work!

Facts about Jurong Bird Park in SingaporeStartFragment

  • Birds n Buddies Show: The famous All Star Bird Show has been renamed as Birds n Buddies Show. This popular show is a collaborative effort with Pieter Grove, an international Las Vegas creative show specialist. The popular bird show comprises new props which stages 13 costumed characters. Each of these characters represents the various birds seen in the park. Some of these costumed characters include Toukie the Toucan, Pedro the Pelican, Vulcan the Vulture, Rocky the Penguin, Cranky the Crow, Pecky the Woodpecker, and the five Macaws called Molly, Polly, Maxine, Messi and Macho. Birds of Prey Show: In this show at Fuji Hawk Walk at Jurong Bird Park, visitors can enjoy a close encounter with some of the ferocious flying predators of nature.

  • African Wetlands Exhibit: Visitors can enjoy the view of different types of African birds as they play and enjoy themselves in the open space. The exhibit features different shows that stimulates the understanding of the natural co-existence of men and birds. Some of the birds include Shoebill, African Crown Crane, Great White Pelican, Saddle-Billed Storks and many more. African Waterfall Aviary: The African Waterfall Aviary is largest walk-in aviary housing over 1,500 free-flying birds from more than 50 species. Visitors may move around in the Panorail. Jurong Falls situated within African Waterfall Aviary is the tallest man-made waterfall across the globe. The various species of birds found here include Turacos, Golden-breasted Starling, Red and Yellow Barbet, Weavers, Parrots, Whydahs, Helmeted Guinea fowls, White-Faced Tree Ducks, Egyptian Geese, South African Crowned Cranes and many more.

  • Flightless Birds: Located in a corner of the zoo, this section is an exhibit of flightless birds including Rheas, Ostriches, Emus and Cassowaries.

  • Southeast Asian Birds Aviary: In this section, visitors can get a glimpse of the greatest collection of Southeast Asian birds, featuring more than 200 species.

  • Lory Loft: The exhibit offers a splendid display of suspended bridges, yellow, blue, rich red and green feathered Lories. Watching the noisy, colorful and bold Lorikeets and Lories flying in flocks is indeed a great fun for the children as well as the adults at Lory Loft.

  • Penguin Expedition: Penguin Expedition is the address of five different species of attractive penguins, namely, the Macaroni, the Humboldt, the Fairy, the Rockhopper and the beautiful King Penguin.

  • World of Darkness: World of Darkness in Jurong Bird Park is the address of about 31 birds, majority of them being owls, belonging to nine different species. Visitors will also come across other birds including Black-crowned Herons, Stone Curlews and Lesser Whistling Ducks.

  • Pelican Cove: At Pelican Cove in Jurong Bird Park, you will get a wonderful collection of seven species of pelicans. Lunch with the Birds: You can have a refreshing view of the stunning Flamingo Lake while enjoying a delightful feast. Panorail: Panorail in Jurong Bird Park is a monorail system within Jurong Bird Park. The monorail system makes use of four cars with sitting capacity. The driver sits in the front car and no one is allowed to stand in the cars. Jungle Jewels: In the Jungle Jewels exhibit at Jurong Bird Park, the nature lovers will be mesmerized by the cascading water, lush vegetation, and different types of small and colorful South American birds


But most likely the most remarkable thing that happened in the creation of Birds 'n Buddies was what my son Tristan did when he was there with me in Singapore. Are you ready for this?

Tristan, by his own negotiations, (mind you!) became the mascot of the park and the poster boy for years to come. He had such an affinity with the wildlife that park management gave him a volunteer badge, a uniform and three days later embarked on a 3,000 plus picture photo shoot with almost every animal in the park. He got involved in Bird Show training programs, working the shows and attending to the critters in the sick bay The result was that his pictures ended up on every promotion material and press release that involved Singapore Bird Park:- From billboards at the airport on LED screens in the international arrival hall, to bus stops, on the sides of double decker busses, etc. Here are just some of those. Enjoy, I did!

Tristan with the albino python!

... the sick baby flamingo followed Tristan around wherever he was going!

...That grin says it all! LOL!

Here are some of the pictures used for promotion in the park the kid was in heaven on earth.


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