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“Scary Fun and a Cardboard Box Barn” for the office! – Halloween at Ashley Furniture Downtown Las Ve

The Idea:

Amazing what you can achieve with some ‘Out-of-the-Box Thinking Ideas”, A quick sketch because nobody in the Ashley office believed you and thought you were crazy! (Crazy is my middle name by the way!)

Materials Used:

King and Queen Size Bed Rail Cardboard boxes (Ashley Furniture Warehouse garbage), Box cutters, Flat head Screw drivers for wood texturing (pretty nifty eh?) , Hot Glue Gun , Plastic Soda-Pop Bottle tops (garbage), wash cloth, I x Spray can each Clear Gloss & Flat Black Spray paint, 2 x 3 inch flat paint brushes, 3 rolls of Packing Tape, an old rag cloth from maintenance and some cheap poster paint from Wall Mart for toddlers! Yep, just some

For installation:

10ft ladder, ripped newspaper strips stuffed into Black and White Garbage Bags for Funny ‘Scary’ office miss manager ghost and a big black wall spider, Thick White String (Spider web) from the warehouse, an office stapler, some paperclips from the girls in the office and two pairs of hands having a lot of fun doing this for 9 hours out in the sun behind the store…best of all, on the clock! Voila! We turned the check-out counter office at Ashley Furniture into a fun Halloween Barn … fun times for staff and smiling customers in abundance.

The concept and construction process behind the main building at Ashley Furniture Downtown with my friend Ricky Warehouse Associate...he was amazing!

The Final product transforming the office into a barn like Halloween Office Counter.

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